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IT CAME as a bit of a surprise to learn that Melbourne was not, in fact, the centre of the universe. I had been invited to a party in Ballarat and, after pulling into town, I got out my Melway, only to fi nd that Ballarat wasn’t in there. Nor, more

Postcards from the edge

Gilbert & George delight in provocation, writes Andrew Stephens.

Suna Or Later

We pitch man against machine to work out who is quickest across Melbourne. Barry Park reports.

Melway Maps City Still Growing Fast

THE location of more than 200 fixed speed and red-light cameras have been included in the Melway street guide for the first time.

Spite Tipped Into Kororoit Campaign

THE campaign for the state seat of Kororoit has heated up, with Labor accusing Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu and the Liberals of "discovering" the western suburbs of Melbourne because of the byelection.